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May 2012

  1. AHH Bra is now Available in Store with FREE SHIPPING

    The Long wait is finally over! The AHH bra is now avaialable in Store. This is the "genuine" product unlike all the AHH bras on ebay which are non-licensed items. Our Ahh Bra comes directly from the Australian Licensee and we can guarantee that they are the Genuine product. Most of all shipping is completely FREE!
  2. Free shipping Wedensday

    What a HUGE day of Free shipping yesterday! all shipments are leaving right now, it has taken all day to prepare them. Thank you everyone who took advantage of Free shipping Wednesday!
  3. All about Shape-Wear

    Women’s Shapewear and Body Shapers The goal of women's shapewear is to assist gals of varied shapes and sizes reduce their waist to ensure they are more pleasing. In addition, it works best for post-surgery people. It became popular in the eighteen hundreds when they consisted of just the corset. Presently, the name can be used for girdles and foundation. The Body Shaper is only one more title you can use while outlining girdles and foundation attire. The product will make females to be slimmer, to look youthful, hotter and firmer. It really is firm on the body, still it does not have an effect on breathing along with internal circulation. Read more
  4. FREE SHIPPING on Sly Underwear

    Free Shipping on all Sly underwear. Just buy ONE and you will receive free shipping for your whole cart!
  5. Massive Price Reductions on Bonds Men's

    We have Just reduced the prices of Bonds Men's Range for 7 days, Save a massive 40%

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