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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • It’s Obviously Underwear!

    Undiewarehouse is proud to introduce our newest line available from our online store, Obviously Underwear. download Established in March 2007, Obviously seeks to provide premium quality underwear that offers the ultimate in comfort and workmanship, so that its wearer always looks and feels their best. Their philosophy that style should never need to make way for comfort is embodied in every piece they produce; every item has been rigorously designed and engineered from scratch. The underwear manufactured by Obviously has been devised and produced by a design team including  design engineers, textile engineers, fashion designers, pattern makers, sewing technicians, and reputable suppliers. Fabrics are selected for their superiority in quality. The Everyman Range is constructed from bamboo rayon, ensuring a non-irritant, silky smooth fabric feel. The Modal Range utilises Lenzing Modal fabric which is so soft it feels like wearing nothing at all. Both of these fabrics are resistant to shrinkage, wrinkling, and fading; dyes are fixed and will not run; and offer health benefits. Better at absorbing moisture than cotton, the underwear is consequently sweat-free. Both materials are UV resistant, and bamboo rayon is antibacterial, antifungal, and hypoallergenic – perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or issues with dermatitis. Non-genetically modified, these are amongst the safest fabrics to wear. They are also environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Obviously Underwear guarantees its wearer:

    • Confidence to look his best
    • Natural shape definition
    • Reduced heat buildup and sweating
    • Elimination of swelling, sticking, squashing, chafing, and the need to readjust
    • Cooler in summer – better for testicular health
    • Will not restrict movement, ride up, fall down, shrink or lose shape
    • Will not fade
    • Will not irritate skin

    The Obviously logo is representative of the brand’s Australian roots, as well as its vision for the future. A stylised “O” embodies a wave breaking across the rising sun – representative of Australian beaches: symbolic of the power and beauty of the fun, energetic, and laid back Australian lifestyle which we all love so much. Currently focused on a range of men’s underwear, Obviously has a vision for the future to expand their range into a wider selection of underwear and other apparel, as well as a line for women. Try Obviously Underwear today: you’ll not find a more comfortable, superior garment line. Here at Undiewarehouse, we have loads of premium brands on offer – and we are very excited to add Obviously to that list.

  • The Classy Woman: The Right Slip for your Outfit

    You’ve decided to “be a lady” and wear a slip – no more visible panty line, no more synthetic dress cling on a hot summer’s day. No more TMI though that semi-sheer dress. No more showing off the colour of your knickers or the style of your bra. No more concerns about having the sun behind you in that lightweight skirt. But it is just as important to get it right when choosing your slip – the right slip for the outfit is imperative, or else you may as well just not bother! The rules are pretty much the same as for any other underwear. Don’t wear a dark slip under light clothes. Don’t wear a white slip under a black dress. If you have one slip and one slip only, you can’t go wrong with a nude colour: it will go well with any colour, and works with black, white, dark or light clothing.


    The next consideration is whether you need a full slip or a half slip. The full slip is like a dress, or a long camisole; it can be worn to lower thigh (for knee length dresses), or longer to mid-length for maxi skirt lengths. Whichever you choose – it MUST be shorter than the dress or skirt it is worn under. (In the “old days”, there was little more scandalous for a lady than for her slip to be showing!).


    A half slip is like a skirt, falling from the waist and acting as lining. It is probably better worn with skirts than dresses. A good slip is so lightweight and comfortable; you won’t know you’re wearing it.


    Embellishments: slips can be as basic or as fancy as you desire. From no embellishment at all, to lace and ribbon trims, there are guidelines here too: the more sheer your garment, the less embellishment your slip should have. Leave the fancier slips for the less-see through dress items. So what if nobody else sees the prettiest of your underwear? You will feel like a movie star under it all – that’s the biggest thrill of all. There is one more reason to invest in a slip – and here the prettier the better: full slips double up as the fanciest of nightwear. Now you will REALLY feel like a Hollywood goddess of old!


    Look after your slip as you would your other lingerie – hand-wash or use a lingerie bag in a gentle machine wash. Once you have been converted to the benefits and joys of wearing a slip, you will never go back!

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