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January 2014

  1. A Girl’s First Bra

    When the time comes for a young girl to get her first bra, is can be exciting, scary, or something in between for her. It can also be a tricky time for mothers (or fathers!). Whether your daughter is excited and can’t wait to wear a bra, or she is hesitant and doesn’t want any part of it, it’s important...
  2. Wearing A Jockstrap: Getting It Right

    A jockstrap is a man’s undergarment, which from the front looks like briefs, but has no backing. It offers the best of both worlds between the freedoms of going commando, but offering protection to the guy’s genitalia. This undergarment consists of an elastic waistband and a support pouch which holds the genitalia. There are two elastic straps fixed to the...

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