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  • Are You Wearing the Right Sized Bra?

    It is a proven fact that many women – in fact the majority of women – are wearing bras in the wrong size. Why? There are a number of reasons – including the fact that no two bras fit alike; breasts are as individual as the women who have them; bra fitting is subjective; breasts grow and change constantly over time; and fashions change.


    Signs you need to be refitted for your correct bra size include:

    • The bra is uncomfortable, or worse, painful.

    This is the biggest red flag that the fit of your bra is all wrong. Straps should not cut in; bands should not chafe, and the bra should feel snug and comfy. In fact – it should feel such that you’re not consciously aware of wearing it.  

    • It is gappy.

    If there is a gap between the bra and your breasts, the bra is too big. Bras should not gape or be wrinkled; the cups should sit flat on the breasts and be a snug fit.  

    • Underwires cut in.

    If your bra is too small, the underwire will cut or dig into the underside or lateral part of the breasts. Wires should sit flat against the skin of the ribcage under the breasts and not be uncomfortable. If not flush against the skin, you may need either a larger band, or larger cups.  

    • Side spillage.

    This is where the quadra boob comes into play. You have two breasts. A poorly fitting bra can give the appearance under clothing of actually having four! Cleavage is a good thing – up to a point. Think of excessive breast flesh spillage as love handles for the boobs – not so good, hey?


    • The band rides up.

    Unless the straps are much too tight, this is a sign that the band of the bra is too large. It should fit snug on the middle hook, with room to slip two fingers under it. And it should be basically parallel to the ground all the way around the body.  

    • Health issues can be bra related!

    The wrong sized, ill fitting bra can lead to, or at least contribute to, back pain, neck pain, headaches, poor posture, shallow breathing, and indigestion. Like with any clothing, size is simply a number. So what if you need a larger band or cup size than you did when you were twenty one? Or even five years ago? A correctly fitted bra, whatever your size, is flattering and its benefits, both health and aesthetic, cannot be overstated. So get fitted properly today – then enjoy a bra shopping spree!

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