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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • Do Bras Cause Breast Cancer?

    One commonly held belief and concern is that of the potential for bras to cause breast cancer. This is most often applied to underwire bras, the theory being that the tight underwire bra blocks adequate lymph drainage from the breast, causing toxins to accumulate and hence, in time, cause breast cancer. This belief is based on a myth born in 1995 when it was (non-scientifically) observed that women in western cultures who wore bras had a significantly higher incidence of breast cancer. There is, however, no scientific proof that wearing a bra contributes to breast cancer. While it is true that western women (who generally do wear bras) do have a higher incidence of the disease, this is more likely to be due to other lifestyle factors such as weight, diet, exercise, pregnancies, and breast feeding. For example, we know that women who are overweight are more likely to get breast cancer; these women are also more likely to be large breasted and hence wear bras more of the time. There is only one scientific study which has looked at the issue of a link between bras and breast cancer. It did present a result that breast cancer is less common in women who choose to not wear a bra, however the numbers were not statistically significant and it could not be confirmed that bras were the determining factor. There are suggestions that the bra myth is a result of us not knowing what causes this frightening disease, and looking for a simple answer that women can control helps our collective state of mind. (Like the myth that underarm deodorants can cause breast cancer – again unproven).  Yet the jury is still out, with many, even some medical professionals, unconvinced that there is no possible link at all between tight underwire bras and breast cancer.


    So what is the answer for any woman still concerned? It’s all about moderation. Always make sure your bras fit well, and are not tight or restrictive. Give your body a break, too. There is no need to wear a bra to bed – ever (unless it’s a post-surgery bra following a procedure, in which case medical advice will dictate its wear). Invest in a couple of wireless bras for wear around the home when relaxing – or even wear a crop top or bandeau instead. The end result is that a bra will not cause breast cancer – not according to any scientific research to date. Yet ensuring the bras you do wear fit well and are comfortable can only contribute to your overall health and well being.  

  • Introducing Cantaloop C-Section Briefs...

    The first weeks postpartum are possibly the time in a woman’s life she feels least sexy and attractive. Anyone who has given birth knows what I mean: despite the joy and triumph of having the baby finally here, it is an often uncomfortable period of time where one feels big, bloated, tired, sore, and leaky. A woman who has given birth via caesarean section has the added discomfort of a large surgical would and stitches or clips. And that wound is located in the worst possible spot for wearing most underwear styles. Big granny pants have been the only option – until now. Undiewarehouse are proud to announce that we now offer Cantaloop C-section Briefs, made specifically for post surgical, postpartum wear.


    Unlike other types of underwear, these briefs are smooth, silky and stretchy, and offer gentle support to the abdomen and pelvis, without being tight like shape wear. They are high waisted for comfort and fit over the belly. They will not roll down and irritate the surgical wound, nor will they catch on or stick to stitches or surgical clips. The briefs also fit close enough and have a wider gusset to hold a maternity sanitary napkin in place – very important in the weeks following childbirth.

    • They are seam-free
    • Made from non-irritating yarns
    • Fabric is breathable, allowing air to circulate and promote faster healing
    • The gentle support is firm enough to hold in the belly without feeling restrictive
    • They won’t dig in or create unsightly lumps and bumps
    • The waistband is high and comfortable
    • A smooth panel directly across wound location provides light compression to control swelling caused by surgical procedure.
    • Machine washable on warm cycle
    • Suitable for wear from the first day after c-section

    Cantaloop are renowned for their maternity lingerie, providing everything from pregnancy briefs, support belts, and nursing bras, to reshaping briefs and boxers for after the recovery from childbirth is complete. Their C-section briefs are sure to be a popular seller as well. The Cantaloop C-section Briefs are available in black or white.

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