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Monthly Archives: September 2014

  • Summer Shapewear

    With the weather warming up and summer soon to be on its way, many women despair of how to transition their shapewear to hot weather. While it’s quite nice to squeeze into shaping undergarments in the cooler months, summer heat and humidity do not always feel compatible with shapewear. Particularly in Australia, even at night in summer wearing less feels better for comfort. All is not lost! At Undiewarehouse, we have a variety of shaping undergarments which will do their job into summer yet not make you feel like a walking sauna... Just a small selection of our summer-friendly shapewear includes these items from Ambra: • Ambra – Killer Figure Waist Killer Boyleg Brief – seamfree and guaranteeing a perfect fit, these boyleg briefs are perfect under a short dress. They flatten the tummy, lift the buttocks, and smooth the hips.


    Ambra – Killer Figure Underbust Shaper Top – designed for comfort, with a low back, this top sits under the breast so can be worn with the bra of your choice, or braless if you prefer. It’s seamfree for a body hugging fit, and smoothes the tummy and torso without flattening the bust. We very highly recommend this article of shapewear.


    Ambra – Killer Figure Underbust Shaper Slip – adopting the same design and styling as the top, the slip goes one step further and smoothes the hips, thighs, and buttocks as well. Again, wear it with or without a bra.


    Ambra – Bodysoft Shaping Control Brief – seamfree and made with the softest yarns, these supersoft microfibre briefs offer moderate shaping and support without too much coverage. These are the perfect shapewear item for everyday wear – just wash and go.


    Ambra – Killer Figure Adjustable Body Suit – like all other Ambra Shapewear, this body suit is designed for comfort. It smoothes your torso with a tummy-flattening design, at that same time as it lightly supports the bust. With adjustable straps and adjustable cotton gusset fastening, you will have a smooth and sexy silhouette.


    Saying hello to summer does not mean saying goodbye to shapewear! Browse our full range today, and step out looking sleek – no matter how high the temperature climbs!

  • When is it Time for a New Bra?

    Too often, us women keep our bras way past their use by date. They become like old comfortable friends – but a bra past its best is more of a frenemy than a friend!


    Bras do have a limited lifespan – about six months at most, and only this long if they are cared for properly. Many experts say three months is the lifespan of a well-worn bra. Here are some sure signs that it’s time to retire your old bra (or bras) and invest in some new ones... • Your weight has changed. Any gain or loss of more than about four kilograms will signal a new bra is required. A good fit is imperative, otherwise there is no point wearing a bra at all – and breasts respond dramatically to weight gain or weight loss. • The band or straps have stretched out. Bras get their stretchy qualities from Lycra or a similar material. It’s a fabulous material while it lasts, but it does not last long. Bras will stretch and grow with you, and once the Lycra is past its best, the bra will no longer do its job properly. A sure sign is when the straps or band just aren’t tight enough – even on their tightest adjustment. And always purchase a bra that fits at the loosest hook – this will give a little leeway as the band inevitably stretches. • The underwires are skewed. Underwires are meant to sit flush against the skin – not gape, not dig in. They should never feel uncomfortable. If they break free of the bra, it’s time to say goodbye to the bra. • The hooks are damaged. Twisted or pulled open hooks, or broken hooks will prevent a bra from fastening properly. • The cups have lost their shape. This means you, too, will appear to have lost shape. • The bra is torn, stained, or otherwise damaged. Like underwear, a bra that you’d be embarrassed to be seen in at the doctor’s office or clothing store change room is a bra that needs to be thrown away. If it has a tear, is soiled beyond washing, is stretched out or otherwise “yuk”, replace it immediately. It’s much better to have a few high quality bras than many that are substandard. If your bra is not at its best, your breasts will not look or feel their best. A worn bra will lack support and lift, and will not only feel uncomfortable, but may contribute to neck, shoulder and back pain – not to mention sagging breasts. So toss out your old bras and shop for some gorgeous new styles today!

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