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  • What is the Perfect Underwear?

    For many centuries, mankind has been on a perpetual hunt for the one and only perfect pair of undergarments. Some previous attempts by civilisation can be considered an utter failure – some of those historical corsets are infamous for being unbearably uncomfortable and stifling to the point of physical pain to the wearer. However, for the modern underwear buyer, the choice in garments provided to us nowadays surely comes much closer to the standard of the perfect underwear.


    The most important aspect of buying underwear is making sure you’ve got the right size! It’s estimated that 85% of women wear the wrong size bra – so this is clearly a problem area in the underwear buying department. It’s important to be honest with yourself about what does and doesn’t fit when it comes to underwear. In the end, it’s better to go up a size and be comfortable, rather than worry about being embarrassed by a number on a label. Who cares? No one will know your size but you – and wearing the right size will make you look your best! Another important fact to remember is that this underwear will be up against your skin all day, every day, so naturally we should choose the right fabric. Itchy, scratchy or just downright uncomfortable fabric is not at all appropriate for underwear. Cotton is a common favourite for underwear, as it is light and easy to care for, as well as wicking sweat away from the body and keeping you cool. High quality polyester with cotton crotches provides both comfort and support to underwear, so is therefore another good choice. Finally, once you have your comfort sorted, then you can choose a style that is attractive and that you would like to wear. Despite the fact that most of the time, the only person to know what underwear you’re wearing will be you, that’s all that matters. Pick a pretty pair of panties simply because you like them – you might just find yourself feeling more confident than ever! To conclude, while it’s undoubtable that underwear will continue to improve in the future, with advances in design and technology, the choices we have at the moment are the essentials and more. Comfort and style are both key features in choosing the perfect pair of underwear, and it’s not as difficult as it sounds!

  • Stocking Fillers from Undiewarehouse

    Just a few sleeps left until Santa comes and the last-minute Christmas shopping panic sets in. We all joke about getting socks and undies from Santa (or grandma) for Christmas, but these can actually be fantastic stocking fillers. How many of us have an undies drawer full of holey socks and sad-looking underwear? (Hello boys, I’m talking to you.) Undiewarehouse is your one-stop shop for stocking-fillers. Check it out: • Get your tween girl the Bonds Wideband Bikini and the matching Bonds Girls Wideband Crop Bra. They are super comfortable, look great, and will make her feel really grown up. Even better- get more bang for your buck, as they come in two pack for the undies and three pack for the crop.

    Bonds-Girls-Wideband-Crop-Bra-3-Pack-undiewarehouse download (1)

    • Your little boy will feel like a man when he wears the Bonds Boys Fit Trunk. So much more stylish than briefs, and very comfortable, guaranteed not to ride up!

    download (2)

    • Young women will love the Parisienne Classic Print Cami and Parisienne Classic Print Full Brief from Jockey. Cheeky French styling with flat lace finishes and beautiful prints will delight. Perfectly suitable for day wear, we love this set worn as a comfy pyjama alternative for summer.


    • There’s nothing worse than a pair of socks that is past its use-by date. Do you guy a favour and gift him with a pack of the finest new socks. We have them all – from sport styles (like the Bonds Men’s Stripe Trainer Socks, in a whopping 24 pack) to office styles (like the Holeproof Explorer Cotton Blend 6-pack).

    Holeproof-Explorer-Cotton-Blend-Socks-6-Pack-undiewarehouse download (4)

    • Know someone who’s having a baby in the New Year? New mums can never have enough baby basics. We especially love the Bonds Baby Singletsuit and the Bonds Baby Stripe Zip Wondersuit. Pregnant mums-to-be will also love something for themselves – and the Cantaloop Nursing Tank Top is a comfortable summer nightwear garment which will take her through pregnancy into the nursing period.

    124054030_zm_1 BZJSM_94S_1

    download (5)

    • For something special for her, look no further than the sexy lingerie by Wild Cherry available at Undiewarehouse. From intimate wear to outerwear, you’re sure to find something to thrill her on Christmas morning!


  • Help! It’s Time to Bra Shop!!

    Let’s face it – very few of us women actually enjoy going bra shopping. While we may love browsing beautiful, satiny or lacy items, the whole trying it on and getting it right can be downright tedious. But though bra shopping may seem a bit overwhelming and unpleasant, it can be just the opposite if you have some insider knowledge are well prepared... By far the most important thing is to purchase a bra that is the right size. 80% of women wear the wrong sized bra – can you believe that the average woman will wear six different bra sizes throughout her adult life? We gain and lose weight, our hormones wreak havoc on our breasts, we get pregnant and many of us breastfeed, and in mid-life we go through menopause. All of these can dramatically impact on the size and shape of the breasts and also of the torso – which is every bit  as important in fitting a bra as is breast size. The wrong sized bra is uncomfortable and unhealthy. Neck problems, shoulder hunching, and back pain are all potential risks of not getting it right. Bra sizes are based on two measurements: bust and underbust. The combination of these will dictate your band size and your cup size. You might not realise that the cup is sized relative to the band – so not all C-cups, for example, are equal! For instance, if a 14C bra is spot on for cup size but too large in the band, the correct size to try would not be a 12C, but a 12D. It’s not as confusing as it may seem. Follow these easy steps to find the perfect bra for you: Measure Underbust: wear your most comfortable aloneonly for measuring. Use a flexible but not stretchy tape measure. Measure around your rib cage, directly under your breasts, without having the tape too loose or tight. It  should be parallel to the floor. This measurement is your band size. Measure Bust: Measure with tape again parallel to the floor, and not too tight or loose, around the fullest part of your bust (still wearing your bra). Your breast shape should not be altered by the tape. Determine your bra size:


    Courtesy of Berlei

    These are sure signs your bra is the wring size: Baggy Cups = Cups too large Bulging Breasts (top or sides) = Cups too small Protruding wires = band size is too large Back rides up = band size is too small Bra straps dig in = straps adjusted too tight, cups too small, or band too large.

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