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  • Transition your Toddler from Nappies to Underwear

    Every toddler will at some point say goodbye to nappies (or diapers) and hello to underwear. Here are some tips for making the transition smoothly...


    Image Courtesy of Babble.com

    • Look out for signs of readiness for potty training in your toddler. These include staying dry consistently for three hours at a time; being able to verbally communicate needs effectively; demonstrating an understanding of simple requests and instructions; disliking being in soiled nappies; and exhibiting an interest in potty training. • Buy some new “grown up” underwear for your toddler. Make an expedition of it and allow them to participate in the selection process. He or she should be able to pull these up and down themselves. • Don’t push or force the issue. Encouragement in the form of having a potty in each bathroom goes a long way. Talk about using the potty/toilet instead of needing nappies. Allow your toddler to watch other family members (particularly of the same sex) use the toilet to demonstrate this is what “big” boys and girls do. • Allow your toddler to ask to wear the underwear you have bought for them. Too much pressure to do so may lead to resistance. • Remain positive about the entire process and offer encouragement and reinforcement. Remind him or her about whether they need to “go” regularly. • Never get angry about “accidents”. These are an inevitable part of learning. • Make sitting on the potty fun and offer the chance to do so frequently. Take a book. Sing songs. Have a chat. Offer praise when successes happen. • Buy a toddler toilet seat when transitioning from potty to toilet. Toilets can be scary to little people with little bottoms who can fall in easily! • Use pull-up diaper pants during nap time and night time until dryness is the norm. Many children are not consistently dry at night until aged five or six years. Here at Undiewarehouse, we have a range of briefs for both little boys and little girls from Australian icon, Bonds. Bonds create comfortable cotton undies that are perfect for growing little bodies, and we offer these at the very best prices available online.

  • The Latest Designs in Men’s Undies

    Once upon a time, it was all about whether you were a boxers guy or a briefs guy – and those briefs were invariably plain white Y-fronts. Times have changed, and the array of undies for men could almost (but not quite) rival the options for women. Here are some of the top designs of men’s undies on offer at Undiewarehouse – there is so much more to consider than “boxers or briefs”... • The Bonds Striped Guyfront Trunk is comfortable, soft, and seam free at the sides. The classic style has a functional fly and a soft elastic waistband. It comes in an array of basic colours.


    • Guys who prefer great coverage and a conservative design will love the Holeproof Bells Double Back Brief. Created from soft cotton, the back is double layered for added cover and warmth.


    • The Jockey Performance Mesh Brief is designed for the active man and is suitable for all sporting activities. With quick drying, moisture-wicking fabric, these undies are lightweight and very durable.


    • The classic guy still wants the classic Y-front brief, and Jockey delivers with these comfortable undies. The high rise design allows for optimised security and comfort. • Great quality, basic briefs, Mossimo Standard Issue briefs are comfort epitomised, with cotton stretch fabric, a soft elastic waistband, and elastic at the leg hems.


    • Sometimes less is more; we deliver with the Chromatic Low Rise Bikini Brief from Obviously. Anatomically engineered for maximum comfort and available in vibrant colours, it is low-slung and made of luxurious Modal/Lycra. Alternatively, go even briefer with the Obviously Basics Low Rise Thong.

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    • The Basic Mens Trunk from CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo is high fashion underwear. Part of the CR7 Basics Collection, a perfect fit is ensured. Cotton stretch fabric guarantees ease of motion, and the CR7 logo waistband has a luxury satin finish.

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    Browse our full site to see the many other options we sell for men – every guy’s taste and preference are catered to – at the very best process available online!

  • In Your Undies: Tips for Prostate Health

    So much attention is given to women and caring for what is in their undies and bras. Breast health, cervical checks, etc are promoted far and wide. Just as important, however, is what is in a man’s underwear.


    Today we look at prostate health – what it is, and why it is so important for men to be aware and to be proactive.

    What is the Prostate? The prostate is a male reproductive glandular organ located at the base of the urinary bladder. Approximately the size of a walnut when healthy, the prostate encases the urethra. The function of the prostate gland is to produce seminal fluid which protects and feeds sperm.


    Men commonly experience changes to the prostate gland as they age, including enlargement or inflammation, and these can lead to urinary problems. The prostate undergoes a growth spurt at puberty and another when men are in their thirties. The gland continues to enlarge to double its original adult size by age seventy.

    Common Symptoms of Prostate Problems Issues with the prostate can be benign or cancerous; the vast majority of issues have benign causes but prostate cancer is quite common as men get older. Symptoms which can occur as a result of prostate enlargement (hyperplasia), inflammation, or cancer include:

    • Frequent need to urinate day or night • Urgent need to urinate • Slow, sluggish, or sporadic urine stream • Dribbling after urination • Sensation that bladder has not emptied • Lack of force to urine flow • Inability to urinate • Painful urination • Blood in the urine • Penis discharge • Incontinence

    Inflammation of the prostate gland can also cause:

    • Fever • Pain in lower back or groin • Urgent or frequent urination

    All of these symptoms need to be addressed with your doctor.

    How Can You Keep Your Prostate Healthy?

    • Maintain a Healthy Weight • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Tomatoes, pink grapefruit, watermelons and guava are particularly good for the prostate. • Be aware of and advise your doctor if you have a family history of prostate cancer • Don’t smoke • Include soy in your diet • Eat selenium-rich foods including tuna, shellfish, eggs, beef, mushrooms, garlic and onions. • Beginning by age forty-five, have a regular PSA blood test and digital rectal examination; this should be done annually after age fifty.

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