• Sexy Corsets are Here!

    As promised last week, we are delighted to talk about the yummy corsets you can find at Undiewarehouse. This fashionable garment has been worn for centuries to shape the torso in a beautiful hourglass. It was even mandatory in the French royal court in the 1550s. So, what exactly is a corset? Its name comes from the French and it is a fitted undergarment that cinches the waist tightly. Traditional corsets have boning and metal stays to hold your upper body, and are laced at the back. Some cover the breasts, others do not. In the past, corsets were made of white linen, quilted and constructed with channels to encase the boning. Nowadays, corsets have evolved and are made of scrumptious fabrics such as brocade, satin, damask, sequins, or leather. They are available is many colours. Take a look at our imitation snake skin corset here . The effect is enhanced with gold sequins and it comes with its own matching g-string. Talk about the call of the wild! Tarzan, here I come! Some of our corsets can be worn as outer garments as well. Our romantic Wild Cherry Velvet Corset  is a good example. It goes from club to bedroom without a pause. This hot purple velvet is lined in cotton for your comfort and comes with a g-string. Back laced and with a front closure, it is very soft and sensual.


    Do you fancy yourself as Catwoman? We have you covered with our shiny black PVC corset. This little number is for the adventurous and daring you. Slick and glossy, it follows every one of your feline moves. Pair it with some elbow-length gloves and the included thong for a night to remember.


    For a classic look, choose our classic satin corset which comes in red, black, white, and pink. With its simple lines, it is elegant and reminiscent of the sexpots and pinups of yesteryear. A must have for every sexy woman, this versatile garment can easily be paired with a mini skirt or skinny jeans.


    In the under bust category, we have some awesome choices too. Try out our safari zebra corset  which goes wonderfully with a peasant or a bloused top. Add in a tiny skirt or tight pants and some hot peep-toes pumps for a delicious look.


    Corsets are the ultimate sexy garment for trendy club wear and beyond. Whatever you're into after lights out, there is a corset for you at Undiewarehouse. .

  • Garters are back in vogue

    Garters are one of those items of clothing that started as necessities and became a fashionable and sexy accessory. In the 18th century, women wore garters to keep their stockings up. Until the 20th century, they were tied just below the knee. Even men used garters to hold their socks up, something you'd be hard put to find nowadays. They started as a simple narrow piece of fabric, purely functional and of simple design. They kept up your hosiery and were a convenient place to tuck a small valuable. Those who could not afford classic corsetry used a plain ribbon or string. In the early days of the automobile, garters and stockings have been known to be used for emergency repairs. Imagine doing that nowadays! During the Prohibition, garters sometimes would hold a small flask since no lawman would dare search a lady undergarments. When elastic was invented, their use dwindled, since hose could be woven with stretchy threads and therefore hold up on their own. But garters and their cousin the suspenders were not to be defeated. Fashion and a desire to look hot for the special man in your life kept the garters in demand. Emerging in the 1960's, magazines catering to men started to show photos of women in sensual attire, often featuring garters. They are now considered very sexy, along with corsets and suspenders. They are often lacy, ruffled, and adorned with ribbons, and are especially used by brides. Undiewarehouse has a darling bridal garter with a pretty coloured ribbon and a cute rosette . If you're not getting married, or you want another design, don't worry, we have you covered with a gorgeous lace garter available in black, white, or red . It looks fabulous with our lace boy shorts. For the more daring, we also have a scrumptious little g-string.


    What about up top, you ask? Naturally, we're offering some amazing corsets to complete your hot ensemble. Check out the beautiful selection we have hand-picked for you here. . With those, you can mix and match, go for the sweet angelic look in our white brocade corset or drive him wild with our selection of cherry reds, shiny and sparkling blacks. Garters, corsets, “almost there” chemises are all making a comeback. Don't be left out, it is going to be a sexy year! Stay tuned for more on corsets in our next post.

  • Choosing Bridal Lingerie

    While Wedding Night lingerie is very important, just as important is the lingerie you choose to wear under your wedding gown. The most important factors in your choice of bridal lingerie are comfort, function, and support – and compatibility with your wedding dress! You will also want it to be beautiful and sexy – it’s the biggest day of your life thus far, so make sure you wear something special that you love. But make sure it is comfortable – with no digging wires or irritating seams. You needn’t feel bridal lingerie must be white! Why not try cream, ivory, rose, blush, champagne, peach or even a robin’s egg blue. As long as your gown is not sheer or see through, you can wear whatever hue you love. And embrace anything you find beautiful – satin, lace, mesh, embroidery. Just make sure it does not show through the gown.

    download (2)

    There are many options for bridal lingerie: these include...

    • A seamless bra. Ensure straps don’t show. A strapless wedding gown will require a strapless bra. A bride with smaller breasts can try adhesive cups. • A bustier, or long-line bra – it accentuates the waist, supports the breasts, smooths and supports • Shapewear is only necessary if your wedding gown is sheath in style or has a low hipline.


    • If your gown has a low back or plunging neckline, you’ll need bra cups and support sewn into the dress, or a backless bra that hooks at the waist. • A corset acts like a bustier but packs more punch – contouring the waist and holding you in.


    • A strapless bra will do the trick if a bustier feels too restrictive or is not your thing. Make sure it is fitted professionally and feels comfortable. • Choose underpants that are going to sit in place and not require hitching throughout the day. If you never usually wear a g-string, today is not the day to start. Choose a smooth and seamless line if you are wearing a sleek gown.


    • Nude, sheer pantyhose or stockings are perfect if you choose to wear hosiery under your wedding gown. Add the support of control top hose to sleeken your lines. If you wish to remove the hose after the ceremony, for a more relaxed reception, wear stay ups or knee-highs. There is just one recommendation, regardless of what kind of hosiery you choose: steer clear of white legs. It’s old fashioned and anything but sexy!


    Always make sure your chosen lingerie and wedding gown work together well before your big day. Wear your lingerie to each gown fitting to be certain! And don’t forget the wedding night – this is where you can let loose, wear anything you like, without concern as to colour or how it will work with your wedding dress. Be as sweet or as sexy as you like!



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