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  • Celebrate your Plus Size at Undiewarehouse – Part II!

    Welcome back to our blog where you will find advice and news about the best in lingerie, underwear for men and women, and where you can count on quality products. Last week, we discussed Plus size bras. This week, we're talking about briefs, panties, and tights for the curvy woman. Naturally, we have many choices in shapewear, but we also know that you don't always want those. That's why we also offer regular undies in your size. We are proud to offer the Ambra collection, including this cute boyleg brief, and the anti-cellulite high cut model. Both are awesome at flattening and smoothing for beautiful curves. For those who want some fun colours, we present the Nothing Naturals . They boast a very soft modal fabric, waist line elastic that stays flat, and a unique vanishing leg design.


    Love the comfort of natural fibres? Fear not, we carry some great options for you. Try on the classic Cottontail Satin Touch full brief by Bonds . A premium product, it is silky softness itself. The full brief comes in a ton of sizes, up to 24, while the midi one goes up to a size 18. If your mom is anything like ours, she always said to make sure to have clean undies on, right? That's why we've packaged them in practical a 6 pack, so you will never run out of clean knickers. Oh, and it allows us to offer you a great price too!


    Cute prints are not just for outerwear, and we're pleased to bring you this beautifully designed microfibre brief by Berlei . It is made in a lightweight soft material and is so comfy that you'll forget you're wearing underwear. The waist elastic in a contrasting colour stays flat and the special vanishing leg treatment makes it invisible under your clothes. It is available in high or low waist.


    As for your legs, we have some wonderful tights that you will love wearing. Feeling like a vamp? You're right there with our Voodoo voluptuous opaque tights in black . They are designed for the fuller figure and boast a luxurious 120 denier fabric. Wearing hot peep-toes heels? No problem, try our Voodoo toeless design and enjoy the ultra sheer look. When wearing that smart pant suit, opt for some soft microfibre knee high like our Razzamatazz . With a reinforced toe, they are made to support and enhance the more curvaceous legs.


    This is only a sampling of our Plus size offerings. Feel free to browse and shop in confidence at Undiewarehouse.com.au. Don't forget our FREE shipping deals too!

  • Ladies’ Undies for All Occasions

    There is a pair of perfect ladies’ underwear for every occasion. Last time we looked at the different styles of women’s undies that are popular and available; today we offer some tips for what to wear based on the individual circumstances... Casual: Comfortable is key. Choose a pair of undies that complement your personality – this is the time to embrace frills, bows, cotton prints, and bold colours. Cotton breathes the best so is optimal for good health “down there”, yet microfibre and modal fabrics can also be very comfortable. Just make sure the gusset is cotton – this is very important for breathability and avoiding irritation and infections.  


    Sport/Gym: This is the time to choose undies made from moisture-wicking fabrics; often synthetic weaves are best for this and most comfortable, offering support, mobility, and a fit that is breathable. You might even wear fitted sports compression shorts and forego the underwear altogether – this is what these shorts are made for. Again, make sure the gusset is made from cotton. And change into fresh underwear after your workout.


    Dressy: You want a seamless, “no underwear” look under slinky skirts and dresses and fitted pants. Laser cut undies and g-strings will work beautifully to achieve this. You need to ensure the fit is perfect – if buying a g-string, go a size bigger than your usual size, to avoid the thong cutting in all the wrong places. Alternatively, the right shape wear will work wonders – try a high waisted, slimming shape wear thong or shape wear “shorts” for a seamless look. A shape wear slip will make you smooth and contained from breast to thigh and is perfect under a fitted dress.


    Romantic/Sexy: We all have those occasions where we want to up the ante on the sexiness factor, to be alluring or to just feel a little bit special. Choose an underwear style you love and feel comfortable in; anything from a g-string to boy shorts will work. Lace, mesh, silk – all of these evoke romance and sensuality. If you feel good, you will feel confident – and you will consequently look amazing.


  • Perfect Underpants: What Every Woman Should Have

    Every woman needs a range of underpants styles for a proper wardrobe. Having undies in a variety of colours and cuts is recommended. Every pair of undies should fit perfectly and be in great condition. When they start to sag, thin, are stained or losing elastic at the waist, it’s time to ditch and replace. Here are styles every woman should have: Brief This is a classic and comfortable style that works for every woman, regardless of her size or body shape. They come in low rise, moderate rise, and high waisted, and leg cuts vary as well. Classic cuts offer more coverage at the waist and legs; while French styles have higher waists and higher cuts at the legs.


    Bikini Just like a bikini for swimming, this style is similar to the brief, yet the waist usually sits lower, the thighs are cut higher, and there is less coverage at the buttocks. This is the most popular women’s underwear style. The sides can be very thin.

    download (3)

    Boyshort Inspired by men’s undies, these have leg coverage which extends just below the crotch. They are surprisingly comfortable, offer great coverage, yet can be cheeky at the rear and are considered quite sexy.


    Hipster More square cut than a bikini, these sit on the hips. The sides offer more coverage than a bikini does and they work really well under low rise jeans and trousers. Many styles are seamless so there are no visible panty lines.


    G-String Otherwise known as the thong, the G-string can be controversial for many, but really is a wardrobe essential for eliminating visible panty lines under slinky dresses and linen style trousers. They are also surprisingly comfortable when the correct size is worn.


    COLOURS: every woman needs a range of colours in her underwear wardrobe: at least a few in white, at least a few in black, several in nude (always wear nude under white clothing!), and a range of colours and prints as well to brighten your day. There is also a panty for every occasion – next time we’ll look at this in depth. Stay tuned!

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