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    Jockey Smooth Microfibre Trunk


    Jockey once again delivers the goods with the smooth microfibre trunk, packaged in two for added value. Specifically designed for superior support and comfort, these sports and leisure trunks have a functional fly opening as well as a stripped out gusset which will reduce chafing. Jockey Classic Pointelle Vest


    Winter is well and truly set in and there is nothing nicer than wearing smooth, warm and comfortable thermal underwear that is stylish. Jockey brings you this piece which is soft and comfy, made from polyester rayon, and perfect for layering. It is also available in black. Berlei Sculpt Underbust Mesh Slip


    Choose this modern take on the body shaping slip to create a smooth and streamlined look under dresses and skirts. The stylish under bust mesh slip suits any breast size and shape and can be worn with any style of bra. It smooths and shapes the abdomen, buttocks and hips, and is flocked on the edges for both comfort and staying power. It will not ride up, slip down, or dig in. Available in mesh onyx or gold, it is remarkably comfortable and offers both a fabulous feel and a luxurious look. It should be hand washed or delicately machine washed in a lingerie bag with cool water, and drip dried in the shade. Avoid using pegs and never tumble dry. Berlei Sculpt High Waisted Full Brief


    Available in gold or onyx with an intrinsic snake skin design, this flat seamed, high waisted full brief feels comfortable to wear and creates a sleek, smooth line under clothing. It not only affords its wearer with an hourglass silhouette, but it provides some extra warmth on chilly days and nights. The leg and waistline sculpt to the body thanks to silicone lining, and this in turn eliminates any visible lines under clothing. This lingerie item is best hand washed in cool water and drip dried flat in the shade. Tumble drying is not recommended.

  • The Classy Woman: The Right Slip for your Outfit

    You’ve decided to “be a lady” and wear a slip – no more visible panty line, no more synthetic dress cling on a hot summer’s day. No more TMI though that semi-sheer dress. No more showing off the colour of your knickers or the style of your bra. No more concerns about having the sun behind you in that lightweight skirt. But it is just as important to get it right when choosing your slip – the right slip for the outfit is imperative, or else you may as well just not bother! The rules are pretty much the same as for any other underwear. Don’t wear a dark slip under light clothes. Don’t wear a white slip under a black dress. If you have one slip and one slip only, you can’t go wrong with a nude colour: it will go well with any colour, and works with black, white, dark or light clothing.


    The next consideration is whether you need a full slip or a half slip. The full slip is like a dress, or a long camisole; it can be worn to lower thigh (for knee length dresses), or longer to mid-length for maxi skirt lengths. Whichever you choose – it MUST be shorter than the dress or skirt it is worn under. (In the “old days”, there was little more scandalous for a lady than for her slip to be showing!).


    A half slip is like a skirt, falling from the waist and acting as lining. It is probably better worn with skirts than dresses. A good slip is so lightweight and comfortable; you won’t know you’re wearing it.


    Embellishments: slips can be as basic or as fancy as you desire. From no embellishment at all, to lace and ribbon trims, there are guidelines here too: the more sheer your garment, the less embellishment your slip should have. Leave the fancier slips for the less-see through dress items. So what if nobody else sees the prettiest of your underwear? You will feel like a movie star under it all – that’s the biggest thrill of all. There is one more reason to invest in a slip – and here the prettier the better: full slips double up as the fanciest of nightwear. Now you will REALLY feel like a Hollywood goddess of old!


    Look after your slip as you would your other lingerie – hand-wash or use a lingerie bag in a gentle machine wash. Once you have been converted to the benefits and joys of wearing a slip, you will never go back!

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