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Mens Underwear

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The age old debate of boxer shorts or briefs. Breathability or support. To commando or not to commando. These are the questions which keep men up at night as they ponder life’s greatest conundrums. Whatever your preference, it’s crucial that you choose a quality pair that is going to do your manhood justice and ensure all day comfort.

Whether you’re a briefs, trunks or jockstrap kind of man, we have the comprehensive range to suit your needs. Not only that, but we also have the singlets and t-shirts to match. So whatever your male underwear needs, we have the best range in Australia at cheap prices.  We might have cheap mens underwear, but it's all quality here at UndieWarehouse Online Australia.

Underwear for the active, the professional and the playful

Issues such as rubbing, chaffing, bunching and constricting can be a real day wrecker. Once you’ve got them on, there’s not much you can do about it until you get home again, which is why choosing the right mens underwear deserves more than just an impulse buy. Trunks and boxer briefs are great for sports as they snug close to the upper thighs and groin for steady support. They also work to reduce chafing when you begin to get sweaty during a workout.

On the other hand, some men prefer briefs or jockstraps because they are tighter and offer more support. They also use less material, meaning there’s less chance of bunching.