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November 2013

  1. Summer and Hosiery – Not Mutually Exclusive!

    Summer has, for a long time, been all about bare, tanned legs. Just a couple decades ago, the only people we would see donning pantyhose in summer – especially flesh tones – were grandmothers and middle aged women who would best be described as “frumpy”. Stockings were deemed to be old fashioned and anything but sexy. But times have changed...
  2. Voodoo – Magic for Legs

    Voodoo Hosiery is amongst Australia’s top brands for leg wear. Supplying women Australia-wide with hosiery that is innovative and stylish, Voodoo is renowned for making a big impression: from billboards to advertising campaigns, seductive imagery showcases this highly popular brand which is adorning legs from the workplace to the catwalk. Voodoo Hosiery was born in1972, when it was launched by...

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