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  • Summer and Hosiery – Not Mutually Exclusive!

    Summer has, for a long time, been all about bare, tanned legs. Just a couple decades ago, the only people we would see donning pantyhose in summer – especially flesh tones – were grandmothers and middle aged women who would best be described as “frumpy”. Stockings were deemed to be old fashioned and anything but sexy. But times have changed - a lot. Sheer pantyhose are very much in style, their resurgence as a fashion staple over the last few years is almost unprecedented. And we may well have one person to thank: Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.


    The Duchess, who is undoubtedly Great Britain’s foremost style ambassador of today, is rarely seen bare legged. She favours, even in the height of summer, sheer, almost invisible pantyhose – it’s not always obvious she’s wearing them, but be assured, they are there.


    This writer was a teen in the late 1980s and early 1990s. My mother made me wear pantyhose (“LADIES don’t go out with bare legs”) – at a time when they were anything but fashionable. The idea of wearing flesh coloured hose into my twenties and beyond made me cringe. But now, in early middle age, even I am converted to the benefits of a sheer and stylish pair of hose. Put simply, sheer pantyhose are classy and elegant. They are grown up – but not old fashioned. Having the option to wear them, means the choice to do so can be appealing. Wearing pantyhose with a dress or skirt looks “put together”.  Whether a matte or sheen finish, a pair of subtle hose makes legs look much better too – hiding such abominations as bruises, shaving nicks, minor varicose veins (which even twenty year olds can have) and disguising a lily-white or dry complexion. There is no need for a smelly, messy fake tan when the right sheer hosiery is chosen. download While there’s always a place for bare legs on casual days, leg wear gives a polished finish to a smarter look. There are some hard and fast summer hosiery rules. Make sure:

    • Leave white stockings for bridal wear. White stockings just aren’t sexy – or particularly flattering.
    • Go for sheer nudes, to look as natural as possible. You want observers to look twice before knowing whether you’re wearing hose or not.
    • Don’t go for too dark a nude shade. It will just have the effect of a tandoori tan. Natural natural natural is the effect you want to achieve.
    • Black is for winter – embrace the new season and leave the dark colours and opaques for cold weather.
    • NEVER wear toed hosiery with open toe shoes! This just screams great auntie in her orthopaedic sandals! If you’re going to wear sandals, and you want to wear pantyhose, go for toeless hose.


    images (3)

    So why not follow in the footsteps of Royalty and try some classy summer sheer or ultra sheer pantyhose for dressy occasions this summer. Your legs will love them and so will you!  

  • Voodoo – Magic for Legs

    Voodoo Hosiery is amongst Australia’s top brands for leg wear. Supplying women Australia-wide with hosiery that is innovative and stylish, Voodoo is renowned for making a big impression: from billboards to advertising campaigns, seductive imagery showcases this highly popular brand which is adorning legs from the workplace to the catwalk. voodoolegwear Voodoo Hosiery was born in1972, when it was launched by “hosiery king” Leon Worth. Worth had been involved in the hosiery industry since the 1950s. In 1974, Voodoo introduced the comfort brief to their pantyhose range  – much more comfortable for everyday wear than the old stockings and suspenders women had endured for decades. The brand grew exponentially over time. In 1999 their first control top pantyhose range was released, offering a slim and smooth silhouette without the need for additional shape wear to be worn.


     The now ubiquitous opaque leg wear was brought to the market in 2001 – quickly followed in 2002 by Voodoo’s first fashion colour and patterned range. Voodoo continues to be a leader in innovative pantyhose. Ladder control technology was adopted in 2009, minimising the ever-annoying laddering which occurs, allowing a woman to continue to look classy even if she snags or gets a hole in her hosiery. 2010 saw Voodoo Glow launched: the ultimate in cover which looks like a sensual, nude leg. The appearance achieved is matte and sun-kissed. Perfect for summer!


     The 2011 introduction of the Voodoo boot tight was another landmark design release for the brand: a sewn in ankle sock for warmth and extra comfort when wearing winter boots. The same year also welcomed Voodoo Voluptuous – designed especially to fit and flatter curvy girls. The ultimate in hosiery, Voodoo offers something for everyone: from sexy stay-ups to sensuous sheers; opulent opaques to everyday basics – and Undiewarehouse has it all at your fingertips. Pantyhose, boot tights, fishnets, fashion tights, stay ups, knee hi’s and stockings. Browse our range today!

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