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  • Stock up on Accessories

    As well as underwear, lingerie, hosiery and some leisurewear, Undiewarehouse sells an array of accessories related to these. From stick on bras to bridal garters and Hollywood tape, we have it all!

    An example of what you can find in our online store includes:

    • Bassoni Lace Bridal Garter: no bridal ensemble is complete without a garter – and this one has “something blue” covered as well! This lovely white lace garter has a delicate blue ribbon trim and comes in a fabric drawstring bag for keeping. It sits smoothly on the thigh and is comfortable for all day wear.

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    • Bassoni Bridal Lace Suspenders are the perfect way to complete your bridal look – there is nothing sexy about pantyhose for your big day; a wedding screams the need for “stockings”! Stockings and suspenders are made for brides and this comfortable bridal suspender belt will have you feeling and looking wonderfully sensual all day and into the night.


    • Yam Creations Cleavage Cover Up is the miracle you’ve been seeking to combat low V-necklines. So much more comfortable and cooler than wearing a singlet top, this clever item allows you to decide just how much cleavage you conceal or expose. Easy to put on or remove, it fits easily into a handbag or clutch (or even a pocket) and uses no adhesive.


    • Ambra Cool Gel Foot Pads and Gel Heel Pads are the answer to pain, soreness, and rubbing. Worn in the shoes and cushioning the balls of the feet and the heels, they not only prevent and alleviate pain in the feet but also pain in the knees and lower back. They prevent slipping in the shoes and are suitable for all styles and types of footwear.

     Ambra-Cool-Gel-Foot-Pads-2-pair-pack-undiewarehouse Ambra-Gel-Heel-Pads-undiewarehouse

    • The Yam Creations Everyday Essentials Pack has everything you need to look polished and perfect on a daily basis. A delicate pink drawstring bag contains fashion tape, lace nipple covers, one T-strap, one lingerie laundry bag, a pair of clear bra straps, and a pair of elasto-silicone half bra fillers.


    Browse our full range of accessories today here...

  • Ladies: Get Fitness-Ready for Spring!

    Spring is upon us and it’s time to exit winter hibernation and get active. With warmer weather, sunny days, and the looming prospect of donning swimwear, there is plenty of motivation to get outside and get fit. Another great motivator is some new exercise gear! As well as underwear and lingerie, we stock a range of comfortable clothing for both exercising and leisure-wear. Here is a peek at what you can find on our website... • Bonds Relax Scoop Tee is comfortable, stylish, and looser than the Classic Tee. Choose between black and white. Made from organic cotton, it is breathable and perfect for walking, jogging, gardening or leisure-wear.


    Bonds Women’s Ultimate Comfort Socks are sold in a great value twelve pack. They are the epitome of comfort and breathability, created from soft and natural cotton fibres with a mesh open knit design. The footbed is cushioned to assist with shock absorption. • The Bonds Wideband Bra Tank is great for any kind of wear. It features a built-in, full-support crop bra and a wideband which peeks through the back for style. This top drapes beautifully. Choose between black and vintage grey marle.

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    • Also from Bonds, Basic ¾ Legging is a must-have for walking, jogging, relaxing, sports and gym-wear. Soft and stretchy, there is no more comfortable garment than these black three quarter leggings. • The Berlei Pro Elite Support Crop Sports Bra has a support factor of 3 and as such is perfect for all high impact sporting activities. It is designed to support the fuller bust and reduces breast bounce by up to fifty percent. Available in black, it offers premium comfort and support. It has a cutout racer back.

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    • Another great investment for the new season is the Berlei Electrify Underwire Crop Sports Bra. Black with a vibrant trim, it is designed specifically for medium-impact sports, with an extra support layer above the cup to reduce bounce. It is stylish, offering the sleek look of a crop top combined with a contoured underwire bra.


    • The Bonds Active Running Short, available in a rich blue with a black Bonds waistband, is crafted from a lightweight polyester/nylon blend which affords ease of movement. These shorts have a comfortable elastic waistband and an internal pocket for your convenience.


    Browse our full range today, and jump start your fitness regimen for spring!

  • Fabulous Women’s Briefs at Undiewarehouse

    We stock a vast range of women’s briefs here at Undiewarehouse, and there really is something for everyone, from full cotton briefs to g-strings, boy legs, lace bikini briefs, and much more. Here is just a small sample of what we have on offer for you now. Yam Creations Seamless G-String with Padded Gusset is perfect for wearing with jeans, lycra active wear, tight fitting shorts or pants, and even swimsuits. Modesty of protected with the padded comfort gusset, seamless lines, and is created from cotton and spandex with a terylene lining which is soft, marginally absorbent, and quick-drying. The Bassoni Lace Bridal Brief is beautiful and perfect for formal or wedding wear. Both sexy and comfortable, it is white lace with satin floral embellishments.


    The Berlei Nothing Micro Printed Full Brief is created from lightweight microfibre which feels silky and sits beautifully on the body. The legs are designed to provide a smooth and comfortable line under clothing – so comfortable, in fact, that it feels like wearing nothing at all! The high waistline affords full brief coverage. Choose between two print options.


    The Berlei Light Touch Printed Boyleg Brief is another design which favours lightweight premium fabric for a comfortable and luxurious feel. It too is invisible underneath clothing and feels almost like going commando! It is available in either a purple floral print or an orange gingham-inspired design.


    If you prefer the same attributes in a Hi-Cut Brief design, look no further than the Berlei Nothing Micro Hi-Cut Printed Brief.


    For something truly pretty and feminine, why not purchase the Berlei Luxury Lace Hipster Brief? Great for everyday wear or occasions, these lines lace-fronted briefs are smooth and sexy, available in a gorgeous porcelain hue.


    The Bassoni Lace Brief with Patterns is feminine, flattering and fun, with a boyleg design and gorgeous lace featuring. Available in purple, tangerine, black, and ivory.

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    Browse our full range of women’s briefs today and stock up for the new season.


    Jockey Smooth Microfibre Trunk


    Jockey once again delivers the goods with the smooth microfibre trunk, packaged in two for added value. Specifically designed for superior support and comfort, these sports and leisure trunks have a functional fly opening as well as a stripped out gusset which will reduce chafing. Jockey Classic Pointelle Vest


    Winter is well and truly set in and there is nothing nicer than wearing smooth, warm and comfortable thermal underwear that is stylish. Jockey brings you this piece which is soft and comfy, made from polyester rayon, and perfect for layering. It is also available in black. Berlei Sculpt Underbust Mesh Slip


    Choose this modern take on the body shaping slip to create a smooth and streamlined look under dresses and skirts. The stylish under bust mesh slip suits any breast size and shape and can be worn with any style of bra. It smooths and shapes the abdomen, buttocks and hips, and is flocked on the edges for both comfort and staying power. It will not ride up, slip down, or dig in. Available in mesh onyx or gold, it is remarkably comfortable and offers both a fabulous feel and a luxurious look. It should be hand washed or delicately machine washed in a lingerie bag with cool water, and drip dried in the shade. Avoid using pegs and never tumble dry. Berlei Sculpt High Waisted Full Brief


    Available in gold or onyx with an intrinsic snake skin design, this flat seamed, high waisted full brief feels comfortable to wear and creates a sleek, smooth line under clothing. It not only affords its wearer with an hourglass silhouette, but it provides some extra warmth on chilly days and nights. The leg and waistline sculpt to the body thanks to silicone lining, and this in turn eliminates any visible lines under clothing. This lingerie item is best hand washed in cool water and drip dried flat in the shade. Tumble drying is not recommended.

  • Transition your Toddler from Nappies to Underwear

    Every toddler will at some point say goodbye to nappies (or diapers) and hello to underwear. Here are some tips for making the transition smoothly...


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    • Look out for signs of readiness for potty training in your toddler. These include staying dry consistently for three hours at a time; being able to verbally communicate needs effectively; demonstrating an understanding of simple requests and instructions; disliking being in soiled nappies; and exhibiting an interest in potty training. • Buy some new “grown up” underwear for your toddler. Make an expedition of it and allow them to participate in the selection process. He or she should be able to pull these up and down themselves. • Don’t push or force the issue. Encouragement in the form of having a potty in each bathroom goes a long way. Talk about using the potty/toilet instead of needing nappies. Allow your toddler to watch other family members (particularly of the same sex) use the toilet to demonstrate this is what “big” boys and girls do. • Allow your toddler to ask to wear the underwear you have bought for them. Too much pressure to do so may lead to resistance. • Remain positive about the entire process and offer encouragement and reinforcement. Remind him or her about whether they need to “go” regularly. • Never get angry about “accidents”. These are an inevitable part of learning. • Make sitting on the potty fun and offer the chance to do so frequently. Take a book. Sing songs. Have a chat. Offer praise when successes happen. • Buy a toddler toilet seat when transitioning from potty to toilet. Toilets can be scary to little people with little bottoms who can fall in easily! • Use pull-up diaper pants during nap time and night time until dryness is the norm. Many children are not consistently dry at night until aged five or six years. Here at Undiewarehouse, we have a range of briefs for both little boys and little girls from Australian icon, Bonds. Bonds create comfortable cotton undies that are perfect for growing little bodies, and we offer these at the very best prices available online.

  • The Latest Designs in Men’s Undies

    Once upon a time, it was all about whether you were a boxers guy or a briefs guy – and those briefs were invariably plain white Y-fronts. Times have changed, and the array of undies for men could almost (but not quite) rival the options for women. Here are some of the top designs of men’s undies on offer at Undiewarehouse – there is so much more to consider than “boxers or briefs”... • The Bonds Striped Guyfront Trunk is comfortable, soft, and seam free at the sides. The classic style has a functional fly and a soft elastic waistband. It comes in an array of basic colours.


    • Guys who prefer great coverage and a conservative design will love the Holeproof Bells Double Back Brief. Created from soft cotton, the back is double layered for added cover and warmth.


    • The Jockey Performance Mesh Brief is designed for the active man and is suitable for all sporting activities. With quick drying, moisture-wicking fabric, these undies are lightweight and very durable.


    • The classic guy still wants the classic Y-front brief, and Jockey delivers with these comfortable undies. The high rise design allows for optimised security and comfort. • Great quality, basic briefs, Mossimo Standard Issue briefs are comfort epitomised, with cotton stretch fabric, a soft elastic waistband, and elastic at the leg hems.


    • Sometimes less is more; we deliver with the Chromatic Low Rise Bikini Brief from Obviously. Anatomically engineered for maximum comfort and available in vibrant colours, it is low-slung and made of luxurious Modal/Lycra. Alternatively, go even briefer with the Obviously Basics Low Rise Thong.

    download (2)

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    • The Basic Mens Trunk from CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo is high fashion underwear. Part of the CR7 Basics Collection, a perfect fit is ensured. Cotton stretch fabric guarantees ease of motion, and the CR7 logo waistband has a luxury satin finish.

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    Browse our full site to see the many other options we sell for men – every guy’s taste and preference are catered to – at the very best process available online!

  • In Your Undies: Tips for Prostate Health

    So much attention is given to women and caring for what is in their undies and bras. Breast health, cervical checks, etc are promoted far and wide. Just as important, however, is what is in a man’s underwear.


    Today we look at prostate health – what it is, and why it is so important for men to be aware and to be proactive.

    What is the Prostate? The prostate is a male reproductive glandular organ located at the base of the urinary bladder. Approximately the size of a walnut when healthy, the prostate encases the urethra. The function of the prostate gland is to produce seminal fluid which protects and feeds sperm.


    Men commonly experience changes to the prostate gland as they age, including enlargement or inflammation, and these can lead to urinary problems. The prostate undergoes a growth spurt at puberty and another when men are in their thirties. The gland continues to enlarge to double its original adult size by age seventy.

    Common Symptoms of Prostate Problems Issues with the prostate can be benign or cancerous; the vast majority of issues have benign causes but prostate cancer is quite common as men get older. Symptoms which can occur as a result of prostate enlargement (hyperplasia), inflammation, or cancer include:

    • Frequent need to urinate day or night • Urgent need to urinate • Slow, sluggish, or sporadic urine stream • Dribbling after urination • Sensation that bladder has not emptied • Lack of force to urine flow • Inability to urinate • Painful urination • Blood in the urine • Penis discharge • Incontinence

    Inflammation of the prostate gland can also cause:

    • Fever • Pain in lower back or groin • Urgent or frequent urination

    All of these symptoms need to be addressed with your doctor.

    How Can You Keep Your Prostate Healthy?

    • Maintain a Healthy Weight • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Tomatoes, pink grapefruit, watermelons and guava are particularly good for the prostate. • Be aware of and advise your doctor if you have a family history of prostate cancer • Don’t smoke • Include soy in your diet • Eat selenium-rich foods including tuna, shellfish, eggs, beef, mushrooms, garlic and onions. • Beginning by age forty-five, have a regular PSA blood test and digital rectal examination; this should be done annually after age fifty.

  • Beautiful Bra Sets at Undiewarehouse

    There is nothing quite like wearing beautiful lingerie and it’s even better when the bra and undies match. When the bra and knickers match, it elevates functional underwear into something really special; wearing a lingerie set, even if nobody else ever sees it, makes us feel polished, sexy, and prepared for almost anything. We have a wide array of bra sets in stock at Undiewarehouse, and some of our newer arrivals are simply stunning. From the saucy to the romantic, there is something for every lady’s taste and sense of individual style... here are some gorgeous pieces from Bassoni... The Elegant Push Up Bra Set is a prime example of beautiful workmanship and design. It comes in a royal navy blue microfibre with white lace contrasting on the cups and waistband. The bra is padded.


    The Uma Push Up Bra Set features a white satin with black polka dots, with a beautiful black lace overlay on the briefs and the cups. The bra is padded for extra boost.


    The Erin Lace Push Up Bra Set is exquisitely beautiful. With a padded bra and briefs, crafted in white satin with a stunning Capri blue lace overlay, this is a whimsical design which stands out from the rest for all the right reasons. The bra straps are also Capri blue and there is a blue ribbon bow feature at the front of the bra as well as on the waistline of the briefs.


    Embrace a burlesque look with the Contrast Bra Set. Crimson with a black lace mesh overlay, the bra has cotton lining and removable padding. It is a sexy, saucy, and stunningly beautiful set.


    Another gorgeous red and black ensemble is the Starlet Bra Set. Bright rose with a contrast black lace detail on the underside of the padded bra and along the sides of the briefs, this is a beautiful lingerie set and is sure to delight.


    The weather might be chilly and sometimes bleak, but that is no reason to dress accordingly! Invest in a beautiful bra set from Undiewarehouse and beat the winter chill – there is no better time to wear hot and sexy lingerie! We have many, many designs from which to choose – so browse our site now!

  • Celebrate your Plus Size at Undiewarehouse – Part II!

    Welcome back to our blog where you will find advice and news about the best in lingerie, underwear for men and women, and where you can count on quality products. Last week, we discussed Plus size bras. This week, we're talking about briefs, panties, and tights for the curvy woman. Naturally, we have many choices in shapewear, but we also know that you don't always want those. That's why we also offer regular undies in your size. We are proud to offer the Ambra collection, including this cute boyleg brief, and the anti-cellulite high cut model. Both are awesome at flattening and smoothing for beautiful curves. For those who want some fun colours, we present the Nothing Naturals . They boast a very soft modal fabric, waist line elastic that stays flat, and a unique vanishing leg design.


    Love the comfort of natural fibres? Fear not, we carry some great options for you. Try on the classic Cottontail Satin Touch full brief by Bonds . A premium product, it is silky softness itself. The full brief comes in a ton of sizes, up to 24, while the midi one goes up to a size 18. If your mom is anything like ours, she always said to make sure to have clean undies on, right? That's why we've packaged them in practical a 6 pack, so you will never run out of clean knickers. Oh, and it allows us to offer you a great price too!


    Cute prints are not just for outerwear, and we're pleased to bring you this beautifully designed microfibre brief by Berlei . It is made in a lightweight soft material and is so comfy that you'll forget you're wearing underwear. The waist elastic in a contrasting colour stays flat and the special vanishing leg treatment makes it invisible under your clothes. It is available in high or low waist.


    As for your legs, we have some wonderful tights that you will love wearing. Feeling like a vamp? You're right there with our Voodoo voluptuous opaque tights in black . They are designed for the fuller figure and boast a luxurious 120 denier fabric. Wearing hot peep-toes heels? No problem, try our Voodoo toeless design and enjoy the ultra sheer look. When wearing that smart pant suit, opt for some soft microfibre knee high like our Razzamatazz . With a reinforced toe, they are made to support and enhance the more curvaceous legs.


    This is only a sampling of our Plus size offerings. Feel free to browse and shop in confidence at Don't forget our FREE shipping deals too!

  • Celebrate your Plus size at Undiewarehouse – Part I!

    At , we understand the challenges of the plus size woman. In fact, we made sure to have a lot of underwear choices that are pretty as well as comfortable. We believe that you can have both, and are set to prove it with our collections by Berlei, Voodoo, Bonds, and other great brands. There's no question about it; people in the developed countries are getting bigger and Australia is no exception. The average Australian woman weighs 70 kilos and wears a size 16. However, a lot of shops only carry up to a size 12. That's why we went on a shopping trip on your behalf. For you, the real women of Australia, the ones we meet every day at the mall, the office, and in the grocery store, we scoured the best designer brands. We understand your frustration with labels that arbitrarily decide that if you're a little curvaceous, you don't get to wear their stuff. This trend of only using runway models that are extremely skinny is a modern one. If you look at classic Greek statues or painting models by the masters, you'll notice that they have beautiful, sensual curves. Prior to the industrial revolution, a bony figure was a sign of poverty and undesirable. Even today, in certain cultures, roundness is preferred. Could you imagine looking at a size 6 model and trying to fit her with words such as goddess, voluptuous, and Amazonian? Doesn't compute, right? So, we've put together is wonderful collection of bras, panties, and tights for you, the full-figured beauties. Check it out here.  As you can see on this page, we've chosen some sexy bras that support a fuller bust. 1) For those who prefer a wire-free bra, take a close look at our Berlei embroidered bra  which features soft cushioning panels, wide shoulder straps, and excellent support. Its lovely design is very feminine.


    2) Gotta have that wire support? We understand, and that's why we carry a gorgeous lacy little number by Berlei  . With its clever cup seaming and reinforced lower cup, you'll have exceptional support. This outstanding bra features delicate lace and is offered in sizes up to 24DD.


    3) Invisible and comfy can be found in our Barely There Contour bra . With its specially designed cups, this bra is amazingly comfortable. You will forget you're wearing it as its padded back closure, self-covered straps, and double-layered back make it a joy to wear.


    What about bottoms, you say? Yes, of course, we have you covered. Stay tuned for next week's blog to discover our fabulous collections of panties and tights.

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