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  • Celebrate your Plus size at Undiewarehouse – Part I!

    At Undiewarehouse.com.au , we understand the challenges of the plus size woman. In fact, we made sure to have a lot of underwear choices that are pretty as well as comfortable. We believe that you can have both, and are set to prove it with our collections by Berlei, Voodoo, Bonds, and other great brands. There's no question about it; people in the developed countries are getting bigger and Australia is no exception. The average Australian woman weighs 70 kilos and wears a size 16. However, a lot of shops only carry up to a size 12. That's why we went on a shopping trip on your behalf. For you, the real women of Australia, the ones we meet every day at the mall, the office, and in the grocery store, we scoured the best designer brands. We understand your frustration with labels that arbitrarily decide that if you're a little curvaceous, you don't get to wear their stuff. This trend of only using runway models that are extremely skinny is a modern one. If you look at classic Greek statues or painting models by the masters, you'll notice that they have beautiful, sensual curves. Prior to the industrial revolution, a bony figure was a sign of poverty and undesirable. Even today, in certain cultures, roundness is preferred. Could you imagine looking at a size 6 model and trying to fit her with words such as goddess, voluptuous, and Amazonian? Doesn't compute, right? So, we've put together is wonderful collection of bras, panties, and tights for you, the full-figured beauties. Check it out here.  As you can see on this page, we've chosen some sexy bras that support a fuller bust. 1) For those who prefer a wire-free bra, take a close look at our Berlei embroidered bra  which features soft cushioning panels, wide shoulder straps, and excellent support. Its lovely design is very feminine.


    2) Gotta have that wire support? We understand, and that's why we carry a gorgeous lacy little number by Berlei  . With its clever cup seaming and reinforced lower cup, you'll have exceptional support. This outstanding bra features delicate lace and is offered in sizes up to 24DD.


    3) Invisible and comfy can be found in our Barely There Contour bra . With its specially designed cups, this bra is amazingly comfortable. You will forget you're wearing it as its padded back closure, self-covered straps, and double-layered back make it a joy to wear.


    What about bottoms, you say? Yes, of course, we have you covered. Stay tuned for next week's blog to discover our fabulous collections of panties and tights.

  • Bra fillers and Invisible Bras

    If you haven't explored our accessories , you'll be surprised to find all the nifty fillers and clever enhancements we offer. At Undiewarehouse, we thrive to provide the best and most practical little extras. We have searched for reliable suppliers and bring you all those hard to find gadgets that a woman might need. Let's talk about bra fillers. Bra inserts are the easiest and most popular way to increase your bust size and form an enhanced, plunging cleavage. Lighter than real breasts, they do not hurt your back while still looking fabulous, and they stay in place even if you're dancing or swimming energetically. We carry several types so that there's something for everyone. We have both silicone and foam fillers. Very comfortable, these give you the lift you need. They can be worn under your breasts to give a push-up effect, or on the outer sides to give you more cleavage. Designed to be worn inside your bra cups, they are very discreet. They can also be worn at the pool or the beach, inside your swimsuit. They are chlorine safe and salt water safe, so you can swim in style. Choose from the oval design or the slightly larger half step  to suit your needs. Another popular item is the foam bra filler which also creates a sexy cleavage with great lift. In a natural colour, these pads will be invisible and look very natural. Easy to wash and long lasting, you will love them!


    Another popular product is the stick-on bra. It's great for weddings or any time you're wearing a backless dress. Low cut and impossible to detect, these are a delight to wear. We have the lightest of them from Bassoni, a brand you know you can trust  . Strapless and seamless, we carry it in nude, a great colour that just disappears so nobody will know you're wearing it. It is washable, so you can use it over and over. If you're looking for a black adhesive bra, we have the Yam Creations wing bra  which is awesome. Very light, it features underwire support and contoured cups for superior lift. The side wings are hypoallergenic and adhesive so it stays in place for a long time. This is a must for that hot strapless little black dress or that yummy backless silk top.


    For those women who do not need the extra padding, we have you covered (so to speak)! We carry a variety of supporting adhesive cups such as the discreet line here. These are great for support without adding a size. They lift and hold beautifully, and are available in lacy beige, plain beige, or black to suit any low-cut top or dress. Be sure to check our size charts to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with your purchases. Some manufacturers have slightly different standards, so a few seconds to confirm your size will be money well spent.

  • Sexy Corsets are Here!

    As promised last week, we are delighted to talk about the yummy corsets you can find at Undiewarehouse. This fashionable garment has been worn for centuries to shape the torso in a beautiful hourglass. It was even mandatory in the French royal court in the 1550s. So, what exactly is a corset? Its name comes from the French and it is a fitted undergarment that cinches the waist tightly. Traditional corsets have boning and metal stays to hold your upper body, and are laced at the back. Some cover the breasts, others do not. In the past, corsets were made of white linen, quilted and constructed with channels to encase the boning. Nowadays, corsets have evolved and are made of scrumptious fabrics such as brocade, satin, damask, sequins, or leather. They are available is many colours. Take a look at our imitation snake skin corset here http://www.undiewarehouse.com.au/wild-cherry-faux-snake-skin-overbust-corset.html . The effect is enhanced with gold sequins and it comes with its own matching g-string. Talk about the call of the wild! Tarzan, here I come! Some of our corsets can be worn as outer garments as well. Our romantic Wild Cherry Velvet Corset  is a good example. It goes from club to bedroom without a pause. This hot purple velvet is lined in cotton for your comfort and comes with a g-string. Back laced and with a front closure, it is very soft and sensual.


    Do you fancy yourself as Catwoman? We have you covered with our shiny black PVC corset. This little number is for the adventurous and daring you. Slick and glossy, it follows every one of your feline moves. Pair it with some elbow-length gloves and the included thong for a night to remember.


    For a classic look, choose our classic satin corset which comes in red, black, white, and pink. With its simple lines, it is elegant and reminiscent of the sexpots and pinups of yesteryear. A must have for every sexy woman, this versatile garment can easily be paired with a mini skirt or skinny jeans.


    In the under bust category, we have some awesome choices too. Try out our safari zebra corset  which goes wonderfully with a peasant or a bloused top. Add in a tiny skirt or tight pants and some hot peep-toes pumps for a delicious look.


    Corsets are the ultimate sexy garment for trendy club wear and beyond. Whatever you're into after lights out, there is a corset for you at Undiewarehouse. .

  • Garters are back in vogue

    Garters are one of those items of clothing that started as necessities and became a fashionable and sexy accessory. In the 18th century, women wore garters to keep their stockings up. Until the 20th century, they were tied just below the knee. Even men used garters to hold their socks up, something you'd be hard put to find nowadays. They started as a simple narrow piece of fabric, purely functional and of simple design. They kept up your hosiery and were a convenient place to tuck a small valuable. Those who could not afford classic corsetry used a plain ribbon or string. In the early days of the automobile, garters and stockings have been known to be used for emergency repairs. Imagine doing that nowadays! During the Prohibition, garters sometimes would hold a small flask since no lawman would dare search a lady undergarments. When elastic was invented, their use dwindled, since hose could be woven with stretchy threads and therefore hold up on their own. But garters and their cousin the suspenders were not to be defeated. Fashion and a desire to look hot for the special man in your life kept the garters in demand. Emerging in the 1960's, magazines catering to men started to show photos of women in sensual attire, often featuring garters. They are now considered very sexy, along with corsets and suspenders. They are often lacy, ruffled, and adorned with ribbons, and are especially used by brides. Undiewarehouse has a darling bridal garter with a pretty coloured ribbon and a cute rosette http://www.undiewarehouse.com.au/bassoni-lace-bridal-garter.html . If you're not getting married, or you want another design, don't worry, we have you covered with a gorgeous lace garter available in black, white, or red http://www.undiewarehouse.com.au/bassoni-lace-garter.html . It looks fabulous with our lace boy shorts. For the more daring, we also have a scrumptious little g-string.


    What about up top, you ask? Naturally, we're offering some amazing corsets to complete your hot ensemble. Check out the beautiful selection we have hand-picked for you here. . With those, you can mix and match, go for the sweet angelic look in our white brocade corset or drive him wild with our selection of cherry reds, shiny and sparkling blacks. Garters, corsets, “almost there” chemises are all making a comeback. Don't be left out, it is going to be a sexy year! Stay tuned for more on corsets in our next post.

  • Maternity Undies – Do You Need Them?

    When you're expecting a baby, your life changes in many ways. Your body shape is different, and we don't just mean your belly. Most women gain weight in other places too. It's exciting to wait for a little one and fun to buy new, special clothes. But what about underwear?

    download (4)

    Some women opt to purchase a larger size of their preferred panties, thinking that it's only for a few months. While this can work for the early weeks, it can get quite uncomfortable as your pregnancy progresses. Your body is not just gaining a size or two, it is altering its shape. Regular panties are not designed for the new you. They do not adjust with you as your baby grows, as our Cantaloop Over Tummy briefs do. Pregnancy underwear is made to be ultra-comfortable at a time in your life when you need it the most. They provide support with under belly ribbing, a feature that you will be grateful to have, especially in your third trimester. If this is not your first baby, you will remember how much that belly weighs. The support is also beneficial for your back as that is an area that is strained by your new figure. Back pain is a common complaint. Panties that cut into your legs are a definite no-no, as they can stop blood circulation and encourage varicose veins. For the ultimate support and maximum comfort, check out our Cantaloop Support Belt. It is particularly welcome for the mum-to-be who is carrying a large baby, or the one who works standing a lot. Second (and subsequent) pregnancies are usually more demanding on your body, as the skin stretches more easily. Plus you have another youngster to care for! Treat yourself to comfort that you will love. When it comes to bras, women are divided between those preferring wired and those liking the wireless type. At Undiewarehouse, we offer the most comfortable maternity bras. While wireless, they offer awesome support. Our “Barely There” cotton bras are made of soft, breathable fabric that you will love to wear. The adjustable straps are padded as is the hook and eye panel. The seamless cups make this bra almost invisible. With its easy nursing clip, this bra will serve you not only during, but also after, your pregnancy. It is so comfortable that it will be your favourite. Available in white, black, and soft powder, you will always have the perfect bra to wear. If you're due to give birth during the colder months, consider our nursing camisoles and singlets. They keep you warm, even when feeding baby and provide cosy comfort.

  • Post Surgery Bras at Undiewarehouse

    Post Surgery Bras at Undiewarehouse Whatever the reason you are undergoing surgery to the breast area, you will find that wearing a normal bra is near impossible during the recovery process. More importantly, it is not at all recommended from a medical perspective to be wearing any bra with under wiring, lace embellishments, or any other features which may irritate the skin or impinge upon recovery. Following breast surgery, or surgery to the chest, upper abdomen, shoulders or armpit areas, there are a few things which are required and are offered by a designated post surgery bra:

    • Comfort
    • Support
    • No restriction
    • Easy wound access

    We have a variety of post surgery bras in stock at Undiewarehouse. Supplied by medical garment specialist manufacturers Carefix, and also a couple by lingerie specialist Berlei, our bras are suited to a range of post operative specifications. Some of our top sellers include:

    • The Carefix Catia Post Surgery Bra pulls on and off over the head. Comfortable and supportive, made from microfibre, it is available in black, white, or pink, and has a racer back design. This bra is perfectly suited to wearing following general surgery, mastectomy, breast reduction surgery, and also during breast radiation therapy.


    • The Carefix Mary Post Mastectomy Bra is designed specifically for the woman who is recovering from breast removal surgery. Wire and latex free, it offers light therapeutic compression, and features pockets on both sides which can accommodate a breast prosthesis. Available in white or black, it has wide shoulder straps for comfort and front hook and eye closures for easy wound access – so is suitable for wear soon after surgery and initial recovery.


    • The Carefix Bella Post Op Bra is ideal for immediate wear after surgery. Soft and breathable, offering light compression, it is latex and wire free and has a front closure for convenience. Supportive wide shoulder straps maximise comfort, and this bra is perfect for holding dressings in place. It comes in a choice of black or white.


    Browse our full range of post surgery bras today...

  • What’s New at Undiewarehouse ... For Kids?

    We’re always adding fabulous new stock to our stash of merchandise here at Undiewarehouse, and we make certain that our younger counterparts don’t miss out! Kids are constantly growing and they need new underwear just as often as the adults do. Here are some of our favourite new arrivals for kids this month... • School has well and truly resumed and there can never be too many pairs of socks in a student’s underwear drawer. The Bonds Kids School Crew Socks are the best value available – our 12 pair pack has your student well covered and you can’t go past the superior comfort this style offers. A comfortable and breathable cotton rich blend has fine toe seams and eliminates as much of the smelly school feet issue as possible.


    • Your little guy will be all set for school with our Bonds Boys Brief 5 Pack bundle. This everyday design sits comfortably and is made of breathable, comfy cotton fabric. Awesome value, it features the Bonds elastic logo waistband.


    • Girls love colour and all ages will be thrilled to receive the Bonds Girls Bikini Brief 5 Pack multipack. Bright and happy neon hues are stylish and sit comfortably for all day, everyday wear. A pair for every weekday at a fantastic, great value price! Alternatively, go for the Bonds Girls Bikini Brief 4-pack. Equal in relative value, it features more muted colours in the same styling, and may be better suited to school wear, particularly for older girls.

    zzzzz zzzz

    • Some little boys love to wear “grown up” style undies – and for them, the Bonds Boys Fit Trunk is perfect. A shorter style trunk which offers the perfect fit, these super comfortable undies are made of cotton elastane blend and have a wide, soft Bonds logo waistband for added comfort. The thighs are finished with a bound soft grip which guarantees the trunks will not ride up at the legs.


    Check back in regularly to see what else is new here at Undiewarehouse – for kids, babies, men, and women. We have all of your possible underwear needs covered – at the best prices available online!

  • Ladies’ Undies for All Occasions

    There is a pair of perfect ladies’ underwear for every occasion. Last time we looked at the different styles of women’s undies that are popular and available; today we offer some tips for what to wear based on the individual circumstances... Casual: Comfortable is key. Choose a pair of undies that complement your personality – this is the time to embrace frills, bows, cotton prints, and bold colours. Cotton breathes the best so is optimal for good health “down there”, yet microfibre and modal fabrics can also be very comfortable. Just make sure the gusset is cotton – this is very important for breathability and avoiding irritation and infections.  


    Sport/Gym: This is the time to choose undies made from moisture-wicking fabrics; often synthetic weaves are best for this and most comfortable, offering support, mobility, and a fit that is breathable. You might even wear fitted sports compression shorts and forego the underwear altogether – this is what these shorts are made for. Again, make sure the gusset is made from cotton. And change into fresh underwear after your workout.


    Dressy: You want a seamless, “no underwear” look under slinky skirts and dresses and fitted pants. Laser cut undies and g-strings will work beautifully to achieve this. You need to ensure the fit is perfect – if buying a g-string, go a size bigger than your usual size, to avoid the thong cutting in all the wrong places. Alternatively, the right shape wear will work wonders – try a high waisted, slimming shape wear thong or shape wear “shorts” for a seamless look. A shape wear slip will make you smooth and contained from breast to thigh and is perfect under a fitted dress.


    Romantic/Sexy: We all have those occasions where we want to up the ante on the sexiness factor, to be alluring or to just feel a little bit special. Choose an underwear style you love and feel comfortable in; anything from a g-string to boy shorts will work. Lace, mesh, silk – all of these evoke romance and sensuality. If you feel good, you will feel confident – and you will consequently look amazing.


  • Perfect Underpants: What Every Woman Should Have

    Every woman needs a range of underpants styles for a proper wardrobe. Having undies in a variety of colours and cuts is recommended. Every pair of undies should fit perfectly and be in great condition. When they start to sag, thin, are stained or losing elastic at the waist, it’s time to ditch and replace. Here are styles every woman should have: Brief This is a classic and comfortable style that works for every woman, regardless of her size or body shape. They come in low rise, moderate rise, and high waisted, and leg cuts vary as well. Classic cuts offer more coverage at the waist and legs; while French styles have higher waists and higher cuts at the legs.


    Bikini Just like a bikini for swimming, this style is similar to the brief, yet the waist usually sits lower, the thighs are cut higher, and there is less coverage at the buttocks. This is the most popular women’s underwear style. The sides can be very thin.

    download (3)

    Boyshort Inspired by men’s undies, these have leg coverage which extends just below the crotch. They are surprisingly comfortable, offer great coverage, yet can be cheeky at the rear and are considered quite sexy.


    Hipster More square cut than a bikini, these sit on the hips. The sides offer more coverage than a bikini does and they work really well under low rise jeans and trousers. Many styles are seamless so there are no visible panty lines.


    G-String Otherwise known as the thong, the G-string can be controversial for many, but really is a wardrobe essential for eliminating visible panty lines under slinky dresses and linen style trousers. They are also surprisingly comfortable when the correct size is worn.


    COLOURS: every woman needs a range of colours in her underwear wardrobe: at least a few in white, at least a few in black, several in nude (always wear nude under white clothing!), and a range of colours and prints as well to brighten your day. There is also a panty for every occasion – next time we’ll look at this in depth. Stay tuned!

  • New In at Undiewarehouse – January

    It’s a new year and we literally have bucket loads of new arrivals in stock at Undiewarehouse. Here is just a very small snippet of the great new merchandise from which to choose... • Get ready for the cooler weather which will be coming in a few short months with the Holeproof Explorer Women’s Extreme Thermal Wool Socks. A great value four pack bundle, these are cushioned for reduced impact and even have arch support for added comfort. Great for the active woman.


    • We have a wide array of new women’s undies from Bonds...  Make everyday special with the Bonds Cotton Lace Trim Bikini Briefs - cotton rich organic fabric, soft lace trim, almost feels like wearing nothing at all. Get one in every colour: pink lychee, rose, black and white. Or try the Bonds Micro Lace Trim Midi Brief or Full Bikini Brief in aero (blue) or black for the same design benefits but a different style.


     The Bonds Invisitails Bikini Brief comes in a value two-pack. It sits beautifully on the hips, is outstandingly comfortable, and is great for everyday wear.


     If you’re looking for something a little fancy, check out the Bonds Lacies Bikini Brief or Boyleg Brief. These beautiful styles are classic with soft lace and comfortable shaping.

    download (2) download (1)

    • There are heaps of new bra styles from which to choose right now too...  Bonds Lacies Racer Crop is an absolutely gorgeous classic crop, perfect for teaming with the Lacies Briefs to make a set. Choose between black or Neo-Candy.

    WYB3Y_BAC_1 Bonds-Lacies-Racer-Crop-undiewarehouse

     The Berlei Barely There Contour Deluxe Bra offers a classic vintage look with great shape and optimal comfort, in Black or Pelican.  The Berlei Luxury Lace Balconette Bra suits an array of body types and, for all, creates a flattering shape and décolleté. Lace and mesh combine for a feminine, sexy look with premium support.


    We also have a range of new leisure wear, exercise wear, and hosiery in stock right now. Why not welcome the New Year with some beautiful new lingerie? Shop at Undiewarehouse for great products at amazing prices – we are your one-stop underwear shop online!

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